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5 Tips for Proper Disposal of Used Sanitary Pads

Disposable sanitary pads are one of the best inventions of all time. They are compact and easy to carry anywhere. While using soft sanitary pads is extremely beneficial for menstruating women, disposing of them properly is helpful for the environment. After the pads are soiled, their improper disposal can cause severe risks to the ecology and various health hazards.

Some pads contain traces of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials.  Every year, billions of soiled pads and other sanitary products end up in septic tanks, landfills, and incinerators all over the world.

When it comes to disposal of period products, India lags far behind compared to many developed and developing nations. Even though only 20 to 30 percent of women use sanitary products in the second-most populated country, the amount of waste flushed, burnt, and thrown into the trash is disturbing.

A conservative estimate projects that the country has to take care of 12.3 billion used sanitary napkins every year and the majority are not disposed of properly, which poses huge risks to public health and the environment.

A soiled sanitary pad is a hotbed for many pathogens such as E Coli and hepatitis, which can cause severe diseases and infections. Throwing the used pads and sanitary products to water bodies and open grounds can contaminate water and soil. The area soon becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. Flushing down the toilet can clog the drainage and affect the health of sanitary workers. Burning soiled sanitary products release carcinogenic fumes.

Now the question is how to efficiently dispose of used sanitary pads?

With millions of sanitary products used every day all over the world, it is extremely crucial to dispose of the soiled pads and others as efficiently as possible. At Wonderize, we believe in the efficient disposal of all menstrual hygiene products after use. Here are some ways to dispose of used sanitary pads.

1. While changing sanitary pad

When putting a new sanitary pad and taking the soiled one out, fold the latter in half to cover the menses or menstrual blood. Leave the adhesive side exposed. Wrap it with a few layers of toilet paper so that the adhesive sticks to it. After that, put it in the wrapper of the new pad, roll it up, and lock it. Almost all sanitary pads’ wrappers have the right thickness and strength to contain the waste and prevent it from being exposed. After that, dispose of the wrapper in the waste bin, close the lid, and wash your hands with hand wash or soap.

2. Disposing of a soiled pad while at home

The process is the same as the above. Whether changing a pad or not changing, the used sanitary product will go to the waste bin after being wrapped with layers of toilet paper and wrapper or disposable bag. But the crucial part is to empty the indoor waste bins that contain sanitary wastes. As discussed earlier, the menstrual blood on used pads is a fertile ground for bacteria and pathogens, which multiply like anything, cause an unpleasant odor, and cause many infections and illnesses. To prevent odor and maintain good health and hygiene, empty the trash bins at least every two days.

3. Disposing of used pads when not at home

It is easy to dispose of sanitary waste while at home. All it takes is a visit to the washroom, wrapping up the pad properly, chucking it in the bin, and emptying the content once every two days. But it gets tricky when one is in a friend’s house or some other place. Many usually feel self-conscious. But menstruation is a natural process and there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it is equally important to take extra care to dispose of the waste at someone else’s house. After all, a good guest wouldn’t want their host to be uncomfortable in their own home. If one does not have a wrapper or a disposable bag at hand, wrapping the used pad in extra layers of toilet paper would be good enough.

4. Disposing of used pads while outdoors

Disposing sanitary pads in someone’s house is one thing, but taking extra care of the disposal while outdoors is even more important. Many sanitary products end up in water bodies, hill stations, as well as picnic and camping areas every year. With a little preparation and care towards the environment, everyone can take care of this problem. While going for an outing, carry some extra disposable bags. If the need for changing or disposing of a pad arises, then wrap it and put it in the wrapper or disposable bag, and make sure to throw it in a wastebasket nearby.

Summing up,

The improper disposal of used sanitary pads is a huge problem in India and the rest of the world. But with the right awareness and tips to dispose of the waste products, everyone can take care of the issue. At Wonderize, we believe in prompt and efficient disposal of all menstrual hygiene products after use.


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