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5 Ways to Prepare for a Drug Test

Oh, the drug test! The seemingly hardest part of the job interview process!

You have likely worked hard to ace the test and interview. The background checks all came out clean, and you are a few days to sign the employment contract/offer. However, the job offer came with a condition – passing a routine and mandatory drug test. 

Your heart skips a beat as you try to remember the last time you had a puff? Will your entire effort and dream job be cut off because of weed? 

Passing a drug test does not have to be a challenging job or a dreaded event. As long as it is not impromptu, you can take essential steps to rid your system of THC so that the test comes out clean. Passing a drug test needs necessary preparation that will help ensure the test comes out negative. 

Employers use a series of drug tests, all with varying sensitivity levels. Also, the time the drug and its residue stay in your body system depends on your biology, use pattern, and activity level. Remember that things don’t have to be complicated, and you need not panic. 

This article will work you through various things you need to know about passing a drug test successfully:

Understand the basics

Drug test differs and occurs at various stages in the job. It could appear as a prerequisite to employment or a standard requirement at your present job. Whatever the case, ensure to know some basics about such test. For instance, here are some questions worth asking and learning about the test:

  • How does it work?
  • What type of test will be conducted?
  • What are the common drugs you use?
  • Do the drug tests have any limitations?

One needs answers to these questions before proceeding with the testing process. These basics that can give you an edge and advantage will help you pass the drug test effectively. 

Consider Detox Pills

When preparing for a drug test, you can speed up the body’s ability to rid itself of drug particles and toxins. Many products exist that can trigger and improve the ability of the body to get rid of harmful material that might appear on a drug test. One such material is Purity Labs USB – Urine, Saliva, and Blood.

Purity Labs USB is a cleansing agent that may help clean saliva, urine, and blood. It may also boost the enzymatic pathways when ingested. They are detox pills that come in various capsules and can be effective in getting rid of toxins happens an hour after consumption. 

You can click here to read various positive reviews of Purity Labs USB Pills online if you are interested in knowing how effective it is. 

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Know-How Long Weed Stays in the System 

After using a drug (weed, marijuana, or anything), it stays in the system for a while. However, the duration it stays in the system differs for many people. This depends on the body chemistry, metabolism process, activity level, rate of using such drug, the potency of the drug, body fat and weight, and the last time you used the drug. 

A regular user hooked on weed can have drugs stay in their system for up to 3 months even after stopping. People in optimum health, on average, might need up to an average of 45 days to rid their bodies of drugs. Someone who simply smoked a stick with a friend over the weekend can have weed out in the system in two days, though it might take up to a week. 

The weed’s particle stays in the body for long as it resides in the hair, which might be detected months after stoppage. As a result, a hair test might detect THC up to a year after use, depending on the test.  

Focus on a balanced Diet

One of the best ways to prepare for a drug test is to consume abundant water. Such action is essential to keep you hydrated and stable, so your body will be prepared to handle the drug test. In addition to keeping you hydrated, enough water helps get rid of toxins and particles of the drug away from your system.

Besides water, consume fruits and vegetables in large amounts before the drug test. According to research, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which is helpful. Before the test as well, taking good food is essential. 

Water increases your rate of urination so that particles of the drugs will also leave your system. Add apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice to make detoxification effective. 

Consider Exercise

The idea behind the exercise is to work out and excites the body to improve the rate at which you sweat. With this, particles and residues of the drugs are also expelled alongside the medication. So, ensure you live an active lifestyle when preparing for a drug test.

Anything that increases your heartbeat is the goal. The excitement will make you sweat, flush, and get rid of drug particles. Spice it up with adequate water consumption so it can replenish lost water and equip you enough to be effective with the exercise process. Consider simple exercises like running, jogging, swimming, etc. 

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You have no excuse to fail a drug test. There are a wealth of resources on the internet that can hold your hands on passing a drug test, and this article is one of them. 

Focus on the tips here, as they can guide you to prepare well for your drug test. 


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