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All you Need to know About your Kidney Health

The kidney is often in short the filter of the body that keeps waste materials and toxins away from the body. No functioning of the body makes it a store of harmful wastes that lead to deadly diseases often having no treatment. Its importance can be felt from the fact that any malfunction of it directly or indirectly affects the working of other organs. The kidneys are two in the total present in the region of the rib cage. Its benefits are paramount which makes it one of the important organs in the body.

When a man is suffering from a kidney disorder (even a minor or a major one), he is not prescribed Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg by doctors. A minor side effect of the drug can worsen the health of the kidneys. You cannot expect a healthy life with an unhealthy kidney, as symptoms due to any other organ failure will start to appear. But another thing about kidney disorders is that most disorders do not have any big symptoms hence, the person would not even know until diagnosed by a doctor. This is why kidney patients often end up in dialysis because till they know significant damage has been done. Read this article to know all about your kidney health for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Why is the kidney so important?

  • The main function of the kidney that is known to almost everybody is that it filters waste materials. The waste products left after breaking down of the food, excess water and other unnecessary items are passed to the kidney. The kidney filters the waste and passes it to the urinary bladder where it is stored as urine and then expelled as per time. So, if the kidney is not functioning then the waste might mix with the blood. Thus, the organs that are destined to receive will now receive the waste and toxins. This is why in extreme cases if a kidney problem is not treated few portions of other organs need to be surgically removed due to being infected with toxins.
  • The kidney is responsible for balancing the fluids in the body to prevent the cells from swelling as well as from dehydrating. So, the cases of dehydration when during summer days people suddenly fall to the ground is because of misfunctioning of the kidneys. Similarly, there is a situation known as water intoxication when you drink too much water that your kidneys are unable to filter.


  • You must know that Vitamin D helps in strengthening bones and muscles. People deficient in Vitamin D suffer from weak bones, and joint pain and are highly vulnerable to fractures. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium which is the main ingredient of bones. Now this Vitamin D that is present in the food we eat remains dormant in the body unless hormones released from the kidney activate it. Thus, the kidney indirectly is also beneficial in keeping bones strong.

How to keep kidney healthy

Regular Exercise

Doing exercise is the best thing for the body and it is a one-stop solution for most the disorders in the initial stages. But people don’t get time to move their bodies and succumb to harmful disorders. Regular exercise especially in the waistline region is beneficial for keeping the kidney healthy. It reduces blood pressure and improves heart health which is essential for preventing the kidney from being damaged. But make sure you do not aim to become Usan Bolt in a single day because then you will harm yourself. Most of us are common men that are not used to regular exercise, hence when you start doing it, begin slowly with a mild workout. Doing high intense training on the first day will cause cramps, aches, and even fractures.

Keep weight in check

Your weight can either control or create havoc or disorder in the body. Just by keeping weight in check, you can prevent several disorders. The excess weight may not directly harm the kidney but being overweight leads to obesity and diabetes which are actually harmful to the kidney. Ensure that your diet is low in sodium, reduce intake of meat, and processed food, and include fiber-rich items. These food items easily get digested and hence do not stress kidneys too much. Or else take Vidalista 20 mg tadalafil pills from Powpills.

Consume sufficient fluids

Drinking fluids and water keeps the kidney healthy. In the situation of fewer fluids, the process of filtration cannot occur smoothly. Sufficient fluids help the kidney to flush the toxins easily and store them in the urinary bladder. Otherwise, the toxins may remain in the blood or in the digestive tract. The usual intake of water is around 8 glasses a day. But it also depends on your lifestyle, where you live, your job, and such external factors. For example, someone living in icy places like Norway will usually have less urge to drink water because due to a cold temperature less sweat is released. Hence, the thirst is also less.

But for someone in the middle east or Asian countries where the temperature goes to more than 40 degrees, there the average consumption will be much more.


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