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Average Bench Press by Age

Bench presses are thought by many to be the most important test of upper-body power strength. It’s an exercise that is a popular choice for people to focus on, and are driven to improve their performance at the exercise for its own sake instead of using it to strengthen muscles. In this article, I’ll examine the bench press average that is portrayed by various age groups. It will provide you with a great idea of the strength of your bench press level.

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Bench Press Weights as a Percentage of Bodyweight

The amount is able to bench is contingent on several factors such as your level of fitness in height, body size, and weight. Naturally, a lifter who is intermediate is more likely to bench than a beginner, and those who are advanced will be more powerful than an intermediate.

Therefore, if we just gave an estimated amount of bench presses for all age groups, that isn’t a good guide. In the end, the person who weighs 250 pounds will likely to be capable of bench-pressing more than a person who weighs 130 pounds. This is the reason in this piece, I will present the bench press for adults by age in terms of proportion to a person’s body weight. To help you understand the relationship between this and the actual figures I will also present numerous examples of the weights used.

Getting Stronger on the Bench Press

The amount you are able to lift using the bench press is contingent on how long you’ve spent practicing the exercise as well as the correct technique you are using. A majority of people see rapid improvements in strength after moving from a non-trained proficient state. In fact, after approximately 3 months of instruction, the majority of people can increase their strength when they bench press.

If you’re a newbie lifter using the bench press you should use only the bar and concentrate on the correct technique. I would suggest either employing a personal trainer to guide you through the correct method or getting an experienced person assist you.

To increase your strength It is recommended to build up to performing sets that range from 2 to 6 repetitions. It is important to have a spotter nearby to assist you in case you’re stuck.

Women are generally less powerful than males. It is because women have fewer anabolic hormones, particularly the hormone human growth. Also, women have a smaller bone structure. Because of these aspects and other factors, the averages of female lifters are 15 to 20 percent lower than the averages for males.

Bench Press Average by Age

Ages 20-29

As you enter your 20s you’re at your highest performance potential with testosterone levels and the levels of human growth hormone to their maximum. The decline in muscle tissue hasn’t fully been triggered yet, but you are in the best physical condition you can be.

Therefore, individuals in their 20s ought to be in a position to bench press at 100 percent body weight following a few several years of training. So, someone who weighs 200 pounds is able to push 200 pounds on a bench.

Be aware that we’re discussing averages in this case. Most trained individuals are able to lift a greater amount than body weight when they’re still in their 20s.

Ages 30-39

Between the ages between 30 and 39, males will experience an increase in testosterone levels by a few percent. This affects their strength and muscle mass. This means that they’ll not be as powerful as they were when they were in their 20s.

Someone in their 30s should be capable of bench pressing 90 % of body weight after a few years of exercise. This means that an individual of 200 pounds should be capable of bench pressing 180 pounds.

Ages 40-49

As you reach your 40s the effects of aging begin to manifest a more significant impact. The reduction in muscles and testosterone will persist as well. Your energy level will become less. In the end, you’ll not be as powerful as you used to be. In his 40s, a person who has been trained will be around 20 percent weaker than he was when he was in his 20s If training was at the same intensity during his early times. 

Someone in their 40s should be capable of bench pressing the body’s weight by 80 percent. That means anyone who weighs 200lbs and has been working out for a few years should be capable of bench pressing 160 pounds.

Ages 50-59

Many of those in their 50s are more sedentary than they did in their younger years. This is often accompanied by weight gain and a decrease in strength. Naturally, the aging-related loss of muscle mass and testosterone will not stop.

In their mid-forties, a person who’s been working out for a few years should be capable of bench pressing at least 75 percent body weight. So, someone who weighs 200 pounds ought to be capable of bench pressing 150 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 225lbs an ideal bench press for an individual man?

Yes, it is, 225 is a good bench press figure for a male. Depending on his weight and age it is expected that he will be able to lift between 70-100 percent of his body weight. If a person weighs 200 pounds and a bench press of more than 225 pounds is considered to be above the average.

What should a 15-year-old boy have the ability for bench pressing?

A teenager who hasn’t been trained for a while isn’t capable of benching in any way. After a few months of training but he will be able to bench 100% of the weight of his body. A 130-pound man should be in a position to bench 130 pounds.

What muscles do the bench press exercise?

The bench press works your chest muscles. Bench pressing also strengthens the shoulders and the triceps. For more emphasis, focus on the bench press that is close-grip. To maximize the gains from lean muscle Avoid poor technique, adhere to the correct movement patterns, and focus on eccentric exercise.


A bench press can be an exercise you can easily build up strength in. This article can serve to help you understand how you’re progressing with your bench press results. Train consistently and effectively to surpass the average!


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