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Can the integrated shield plan rider be paid by Medisave?

Yes, the integrated shield plan rider can be paid for by Medisave. However, premiums for the rider will be deducted from the account holder’s Medisave account.

Integrated Shield Plans are a type of health insurance in Singapore that offer additional coverage on top of the basic MediShield Life plan. There are four main types of riders that can be added to an Integrated Shield Plan: ambulatory care, inpatient care, cancer care, and personal accident. Each rider provides different levels of coverage, so it is important to carefully consider which type of rider is right for you. Ambulatory care riders cover the cost of outpatient treatments, such as doctor’s visits and diagnostic tests. 

Inpatient care riders cover the cost of hospitalization, including surgeries and motel stays. Cancer care riders provide coverage for cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy. 

Personal accident riders provide coverage in case of an accidental injury, such as a broken bone or concussion. Integrated Shield Plans are an important way to maximize your health insurance coverage in Singapore. By carefully selecting the right rider for your needs, you can ensure that you and your family are protected in case of illness or injury.

integrated shield plan rider: Understanding Coinsurance and Deductible IP Riders

Coinsurance riders provide coverage for policyholders who die before the policy matures. For example, if the policyholder dies within the first five years of the policy, the coinsurance rider will pay out a death benefit equal to the face value of the policy. A deductible rider, on the other hand, provides coverage for policyholders who die after the policy matures. 

For example, if the policyholder dies within the first 10 years of the policy, the deductible rider will pay out a death benefit equal to the face value of the policy minus any outstanding loans or premiums that have not been paid. These riders can be an important part of a life insurance policy, and they can provide peace of mind for policyholders and their families.

How do Integrated Shield Plan riders work?

While the base plan and riders may vary depending on the insurer, most ISPs will cover pre-hospitalization expenses, such as diagnostic tests and doctor consultations. They will also typically provide a daily cash benefit for use during your hospital stay. Some ISPs may also offer post-hospitalization benefits, such as coverage for medical treatments and rehabilitation. Ultimately, an ISP can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that you have comprehensive coverage in the event of an accident or illness.

Medical benefits 

Besides footing the bill for your co-insurance and deductible, riders also come in handy for a variety of miscellaneous medical and medical service expenses. For example, most insurers offer immediate family accommodation coverage. This pays for a parent’s hospital stay if their child is admitted to the hospital. In addition, many insurers cover alternative and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as ambulance and taxi services. So if you’re ever in need of any of these services, you can rest assured that your insurance will have you covered.

How to pick the correct integrated shield plan rider? 

When choosing an integrated shield plan, one of the options you will have to decide on is whether to add a rider. Riders are additional coverage that can be added to your policy for an extra premium. They provide additional protection against specific risks, such as critical illnesses or hospitalization. While riders are not required, they can provide valuable peace of mind.

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to add a rider to your policy. First, riders typically have their own deductible and co-insurance requirements. This means that you will still have some out-of-pocket costs even with the rider. Second, riders usually come with an increase in premium. Make sure you are comfortable with this increase before adding a rider to your policy. Finally, riders are not available on all policies. Be sure to check with your insurer to see what riders are available for your particular policy.

Adding a rider to your integrated shield plan can provide valuable protection against unexpected medical expenses. However, it is important to understand the costs and coverage of riders before making a decision.

Do you really need an integrated shield plan rider? 

When it comes to health insurance in Singapore, there are a variety of options available. One type of policy that is often recommended is an integrated shield plan, which provides coverage for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. However, some people question whether an integrated shield plan is really necessary. After all, basic hospitalization plans already provide coverage for inpatient treatment, and many outpatient treatments are eligible for subsidies from Medisave or MediShield Life. So why pay for an additional rider? 

There are a few reasons why an integrated shield plan may still be worthwhile. First of all, while basic plans do cover inpatient treatment, they often have limits on the types of hospitals that are covered. An integrated shield plan rider allows you to choose from a wider range of hospitals, including private ones. In addition, riders typically provide higher levels of coverage than basic plans. For example, they may offer greater protection against co-insurance and deductible expenses. As a result, an integrated shield plan rider can provide peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are fully protected in the event of a medical emergency.


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