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CBD is Better Than Steroids in use during Covid Treatment?

Ten Covid-19 patients had been scheduled to participate in a research study at Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, during the height of the corona crisis, but the institution ran out of patients. As the number of new cases dropped to a trickle, Rabin Medical Center and many other Israeli medical facilities shuttered their coronavirus wards.

It’s no surprise that Stereo has now turned its focus to Europe, where there’s no lack of individuals infected with the virus. However, with a resurgence of Israeli instances, a study closer to home is no longer ruled unlikely.

When it comes to the treatment of Covid-19, does cannabis hold any promise? Stereo Therapeutics, a canna-tech business based in Israel, was eager to learn. Those intentions, however, were derailed by some surprisingly excellent news.

When the Petah Tikva hospital ran out of patients at the height of the corona crisis, the Bnei Brak-based business was ready to conduct a clinical study with 10 Covid-19 patients. The number of new cases of coronavirus dropped to a trickle at Rabin and other Israeli medical facilities.

It’s no surprise that Stereo has now turned its focus to Europe, where there’s no lack of individuals infected with the virus. However, with a resurgence of Israeli instances, a study closer to home is no longer ruled unlikely.

Stereo’s attention has been drawn to Covid-19 throughout the last two months, but it was never the primary focus. Steroids were the common factor.

As the first line of defense against diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and lupus, corticosteroids like CBD, a nonpsychoactive component of marijuana’s CBD, are being studied by Stereo in the hopes of determining if they can improve the therapeutic effects of corticosteroids while simultaneously reducing their dosage.

A life-threatening immunological disorder that may emerge after an organ transplant is known as graft versus. host disease (GvHD), which is why Stereo CEO David Bassa learned how to use CBD at his former business, Talent Biotech. immune cells from the donor assault and destroy donor tissues in GvHD patients. Steroids are also used as the main treatment for GvHD.

Crohn’s, hives, and Covid?

Following the receipt of a comprehensive US patent covering 130 autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, including Crohn’s disease, liver disease, arthritis, and chronic urticaria, Bassa founded Stereo (hives).

He told ISRAEL21c that the patent covers both natural and synthetically generated CBD at any dose and in conjunction with other medications.

So began with two indications: Crohn’s disease and urticaria. When Covid-19 came along, they were only beginning to recruit patients in a clinical study for Crohn’s disease.

Covid-19’s most lethal consequence in acute infections is an immune system overreaction called a cytokine storm, which is countered with steroids.

A virus-induced production of cytokines serves as a signaling molecule. The infection is contained and eradicated by inducing inflammation. The immune system produces an excess of these molecules during a cytokine storm. Viruses frequently do more harm as a byproduct of their replication than they would have done on their own.

Dexamethasone, a kind of steroid, was shown to decrease COVID-19 patient fatalities by a third and cut death for those getting just oxygen by 20% in a key UK experiment. Researchers estimate that 5,000 British lives may have been spared if the medicine had been utilized at the start of the outbreak.

Covid-19 patients were the focus of Stereo’s investigation on whether CBD may enhance the therapeutic efficacy of steroids.

The goal of the CBD studies with Crohn’s and urticaria study is to explore whether large doses of steroids and all the unpleasant side effects they bring may be reduced with CBD.

At Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center has suggested its experiment to evaluate if particular strains of cannabis help rescue very sick Covid-19 patients from cytokine storms.

Four-month trial

About 30% of Crohn’s disease patients are steroid-dependent, which is where Stereo begins its work, according to Bassa.

Half of the patients will get CBD oil and the other half will receive a placebo throughout the four-month randomized, double-blind experiment.

A lower dose of steroids is given for the first month, with the addition of CBD (or a placebo). If a patient with Crohn’s disease has a severe flare-up while taking the placebo, they will be switched to the CBD treatment group. Patients who have an allergic reaction to CBD will be placed back on their usual steroid dosage if they experience an adverse reaction.

Readers with inflammatory disorders are advised not to experiment at home, Bassa advises. For the experiment, participants took 300 mg of CBD per day, which is more than ten times the amount typically used by people using CBD as a health supplement in states where it is legal.

CBD from Stereo is synthetic, thus it costs more than CBD derived from plants, but Bassa believes synthetic CBD “ensures us of a cleaner ultimate road with the FDA”

Serendipity and a promise

It was by chance that the link between CBD and steroids was established. The bone marrow transplant unit at Rabin Medical Center is headed by Dr. Moshe Yeshurun, Stereo’s senior medical advisor. GvHD patients “were suffering extremely severely and he wanted to lessen their agony by offering them medicinal marijuana,” Bassa told ISRAEL21c.

Despite this, patients began to improve and exhibit fewer indications of sickness. An unexpected twist in Bassa’s tale follows the same pattern. When his mother’s severe blood disease, multiple myeloma, was discovered, he was a wealthy software entrepreneur. Prof. Moshe Mittleman of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center was looking into whether off-label usage of erythropoietin, a chemical normally used to raise blood hemoglobin, may relieve multiple myeloma when he found it while searching for a medicine that could treat her.


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