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Different Uses of Telepresence Robots in the Medical Field

Since the pandemic, the use of telepresence robots has become a lot more popular than ever. Healthcare workers are greatly exposed to infection every time they enter a patient’s room for a check, putting them at a higher risk of COVID-19. 

However, telepresence robots help lessen this exposure since it helps them check on their patients without really going into the patient’s room. It works great, especially for those patients who are already recovering and don’t require emergency care. 

Aside from helping healthcare workers and limiting their exposure to the virus, telepresence robots also help the family members to connect with their hospitalized loved ones. Since going to hospitals exposes the family members to the virus, it would be safer for them to stay at home. They still get to communicate and pay their loved ones a virtual visit with the use of telepresence robots. 

Those are just some of the few popular uses of telepresence robots but there are still more. Here are some of the other uses of a telepresence medical robot in providing better care for patients, especially since the pandemic. 

Better Response Time

There are situations when a patient urgently needs a doctor due to the current condition. However, it is not at all times that a doctor can instantly go to the patient to check him or her. During these times, a telepresence robot can be used allowing the doctor to check up on the patient remotely, especially in situations when time is of the essence. There’s no need to wait for the doctor anymore especially when he is very far away from the hospital. 

Better Patient Monitoring

Another great use of telepresence robots is their help in better patient monitoring. Doctors check on their patients regularly to see how their conditions are improving. If someone needs to be checked urgently yet the doctor is still out and checking other patients, he could still check patients in another room with the use of a telepresence robot. 

Aids in Appointments

There are times when patients have an appointment with their doctor to check their current condition. However, sometimes a doctor might be out of town or the location of his clinic is really far away from the patient. Traveling for a long time can cause stress to the patient and is not recommended if possible. With a telepresence robot, patients can get to attend their appointment with their doctor without the stress and hassle of a long trip. 

Aids in Medical Education

Lastly, telepresence robots help medical students in their learning without having to expose themselves too much, especially during the pandemic. They can just use the robot to do a quick assessment of patients, even when they are away from the hospital. It also allows them to have better coverage since they can do more assessments in a shorter time. 

Telepresence robots are indeed a great innovation perfect for this time. There are still plenty of uses for these robots in other fields, making it a great help during these hard times.


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