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Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight? 7 Simple Tips to Keep Them Fresh For Long

Nothing is more powerful on a Saturday morning, than drinking down a whole glass of delicious smoothie in just one time! In the same way as usual processed cereals, it’s the most convenient meal prep method that has been discovered by mankind.

Although most people prefer to store the entire container of healthy and delicious smoothie in the refrigerator for a few days instead of making a fresh one, the loss of nutrients or remaining unaffected is the most important factor to consider when developing simple and efficient strategies to ensure that the smoothie remains well-balanced even after 24 hours.

Do you think that storing your favourite smoothie cause it to lose its nutrients over time? Does it keep the same healthy as a freshly made one?

Let’s get started!

Nutritious Smoothies Doing Wonders!

Experts in fitness recommend eating a lavish and healthy diet to fuel the engine going for a long time. Smoothies made with fresh ingredients are an excellent source of a nutritious and all-natural food supplement to maintain a healthy body.

Popular for their simple recipes, smoothies contain vegetables and fruits (fresh fruits and vegetables) that are high in carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers with no sweeteners. Vegetable smoothies have a more fiber than fruit smoothies , and are less sweet.

Make Your Drink More Powerful

Protein powders, chia seeds herbs, nuts and more. can add more weight to the drink in addition to mixing it with dairy products such as yogurt and low-fat milk such as coconut, almonds, soybeans etc. They, in turn, ensure that the nutrients are not damaged even in the event that the smoothies are kept away for the night.

The Devil in Disguise

Recent studies have suggested another conclusion. Freshly blended fruit smoothies have been reported to release “free sugar’ which is the main negative aspect of this “wonder drink.’

Similar to maple syrups, this kind of sugar can be described as a devil’s disguise. Unfortunately the harmful preservatives that are natural can be harmful.

Fresh or Frozen Fruits – The Health Benefits

While they’re a great method of consuming a large amount of fruit we don’t like, frozen and fresh smoothies are able to deal in their very own nutrition value and a variety of flavor profiles.

The experts at Nutritionist suggest that frozen fruit could be the best alternative to fresh fruits when you are looking for mouth-watering smoothies that will keep the nutrients over night to be consumed later in the day.

It also varies between people depending on the body’s requirements.

The fruit can be consumed in semi-liquid or solid form, the final result is what is more important. The options are a bit different but when it comes for your overall health cutting back on the nutrition your body requires isn’t an choice!

Standard Rules for Storing Your Smoothie Overnight

Although everyone enjoys fresh smoothies , whether during work or following workouts keeping the freshness of a smoothies for the duration of the evening has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there are many reasons smoothies are depleted of nutrients over time:

Storage Method is Key

Many smoothies that are stored overnight have no nutritional value due to the manner the smoothie was kept over the course of the night including the process of blending. Because we want our smoothies to remain in good state without losing nutrients and without nutrient loss, we should pay particular attention to the method of storage.

Should You Use Preservatives?

Incorporating preservatives (except the lemon juice) or artificial sweeteners in smoothies to preserve the drink throughout the night plays a detrimental part in making it hard to digest the ingredients, making them useless.

Storage Temperature

The temperature plays a significant function in ensuring that ingredients do not lose nutrients fast if stored over night. The airtight containers used in cold storage can be very effective in increasing the amount of vitamins such as Vitamin C that is found in lime or lemon juice.

Plastic A Big No!

The storage of healthy drinks in plastic containers over the course of a day is not an excellent sign for nutrients. It can speed up the process of spoiling, and can lead to severe liver problems or cancer.

Ingredients to Avoid

Smoothies are brimming with nutrients from sources such as milk, fruits etc. They’re great alternatives to an appetite-filling meal.

But there are some components which are a huge thumbs downbecause nutrition value in smoothies plummets both in terms of quantity as well as quality, over the course of a few hours.

Food is good for the mood, so why not start with this recipe? Here are some of the elements in the smoothies that won’t be able to recover the nutrients in the smoothies in a matter of hours.


As the wolf does in sheep’s fur food preservatives, specifically synthetic ones, aren’t safe for human consumption when you want to consume a nutritious and healthy smoothie with a full stomach the following morning.

Cow’s Milk

While it’s a good source of vitamins but the content of fatty acids in milk is too much to deal with! Make use of almond milk or other milks with low fat content that can assist in helping the nutrition and the whole drink last all night.


It’s addictive and this is where the sirens ring! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you should be willing to part ways with your beloved teeth. In order to extend the shelf life, it destroys the nutritional value of this smoothie in a gradual manner.

Tips to Keep Smoothies Fresh Overnight and All Day Long!

Smoothies frozen in the freezer never fail to entice our senses, however fresh smoothies have more nutrients in them initially. Whatever the case what we’re really looking for is to allow our bodies to absorb sufficient nutrients after drinking the smoothie that has been stored over night, at the beginning of the day. Below are some helpful tips:

1. Add Some Citrus

Lemon juice and citrus fruits can surely help! Pour lime juice over the smoothies, and let the citric acid move through the drink for a few hours. In addition, they help preserve the nutrients, but they also can be digested easily and the flavorful taste adds a punch in the drinks!

2. Use Glass Instead of Plastic

A sealed airtight container, such as mason jars, are the ideal container to store the smoothies over night. Pour the drink inside the glass container, and close it by using an airtight lid. This will stop the process of spoilage.

3. Portion Sizes vs. Batches

Making healthy smoothies in smaller portions can help the drink make a significant difference without compromising the nutritional value. Making it in large batches causes loss of ingredients, and proteins and healthy carbs won’t last for very long!

4. Need to Save Storage Space?

Zip bags are a great option to store your portions of smoothies as they take up less space and also keep the nutritional content of the smoothies! However, the problem of storage using plastic wrap is raised. The overnight storage may not be an issue however, if you store it for longer than that could be harmful to your health in the end.

5. Smoothie Snacks

Chuck out the junk food and start introducing ice cube tray which are ready-to-go size which are easy to put in lunch boxes for children! It is easy to store in the fridge over night ensures that the nutrients are kept alive which increases absorption of nutrients and turning the most feared fruits into delicious snacks!

6. Prevent Air/Oxidation

The storage container should be filled up to the top. The process of Oxidization could result in the exposure of oxygen to the nutrients. The reduction of size of container’s surfaces is ideal option for even a daily smoothie that goes for a long time!

7. Add Antioxidants

Include antioxidants in the freezing smoothies, such as fresh vegetables , such as leafy greens (spinach and kale) to make green smoothies perfect for summer! In addition, the additional vitamin-based nutrients that are released by vegetables can be easily retained if properly kept in the freezer for a night.

Something Extra: Beloved Smoothie Recipes

If you’re struggling to shed weight or simply an avid eater eating and chewing on fruit is a lot more difficult than sipping a glass of green smoothie. Additionally it is common for us to consume more when drinking the smoothie, rather than eating one, and that is not an ideal indicator for our health!

There are numerous delicious drinks recipes that you can make and keep for a few days in any flavor combination you’d like! Below is a list of them:

For Breakfast

It is breakfast that is considered to be the single most crucial food of the day and often , when we are rushing to work, we neglect to eat the meal altogether. So what’s better than opening an ice-cold jar of delicious smoothie that you’ve made and kept for a night to stop stomach to rumble!

Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Smoothie

Mix a probiotic such as yogurt with oatmeal and voilà! Your smoothie of choice is ready to serve. Peaches, which are an superfood, are believed for their antioxidants, and can aid in digestion. Drink a glass and let your day feel like a bowl of ‘peaches and cream”!

Caribbean Dream Smoothie

Bananas and yogurt (that’s how delicious it is! )It’s too to much fun! A banana can be sugary, however magnesium is able to regulate the nervous system, while offering anti-inflammatory properties. Put aside the sugar, and mix in the mix until it is it is smooth! Add chia seeds pieces of oranges, coconut flakes and you’re good to go!

For Weight Loss

Smoothies provide the greatest health benefit when it comes to losing weight. Because they’re enriched with nutrients that boost metabolism, it is possible to drink up to two glasses a day and see the results over time.

Kale Smoothie

Fibrous veggies can’t go wrong, and Kale is just one of the best! The Kale contains Alpha-Linolenic Acid (omega-3 fat acid) and paired with almond milk, and few slices bananas is all it takes to make a rich smooth and healthy drink.

Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

If you are a chocolate lover This smoothie is always excellent! Cocoa powder, which is great for the heart and brain and heart, combined with a few ounces of raspberries (extra Vitamin C for immunity) and spinach (Vitamin B), form an amazing trio for burning fat!

Simply add the protein from plants as an after-workout drink and you’ll be hooked!

Final Words

A little food to feed your mindYou can’t get enough of anything good until it’s shown its true hues!

Who knew that vegetables and fruits can bring your taste buds to dance? While health-conscious people may be hesitant to accept the idea of keeping smoothies in the fridge overnight and storing them in a bottle, finding ways to bottle the rich nutrition is something we are excited to do!

Make healthy choices, ease the tension drinking a smoothie and revel in the explosion of flavor in your glass!


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