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Don’t Ignore Erectile Dysfunction: It’s Treatable!

If you have diabetes then you are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction three times more as compared to a male with no diabetes.  Many folks feel quite ashamed to discuss this doctor with their peers, partners, and clinician. You must not worry as ED can be treated with diabetes. It is been reported that around 95 percent of cases may be treated with success. There are various options for males with ED and diabetes. The doctor will start with a low dose and then enhance the dose accordingly. The doctor can also recommend taking Fildena 100.

What do you mean by erectile dysfunction?

I understand that sex vigor is reduced with the age. The healthy male must be emotionally, physically, and healthy and able to create erections. ED is not the failure to get an erection occasional. The males experiencing problems in erections occasionally are not suffering from ED. The occasional issue of erection may be connected with alcohol, fatigue, illness, and stress. 

The males can also suffer from the problem of reduced interest in sex. The males with diabetes suffer from a reduced interest in sex, depression, and hormonal imbalances. The reduced interest in sex can be treated. The ejaculation issues also tell about the structural issue where the treatment is surgical. 

ED treatment methods

ED can be treated with the right treatment method. If you feel any issue in getting the erection for 4-5 weeks then you must go to the specialist. ED is a serious sign of heart disease and kidney disorder. Many folks go to the family doctor who doesn’t have the idea of treating erectile dysfunction. You must consult specialist doctors such as urologists and clinicians who treat erectile dysfunction. 

The doctor will ask you for medical history and physical examination. He will also prescribe you to take diagnostic tests and will provide the right treatment. The treatment options are external devices, medicines like Cenforce 100, surgery, and counsel


Medicines- There are three medicines Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis  like Tadalafil Vidalista 20 that are taken for treating erectile dysfunction. These medicines can be ordered online. The medicines are prescribed according to your body’s situation. The key difference is the time for which medicine lasts. Viagra can last its response to 30 minutes, Levitra for 2 hours, and Cialis for 36 hours. These medicines should not be given to individuals with heart disease. When the blood flow is inadequate to the penis then vasodilators are applied to the penis. It enhances blood flow. The bad effect is a headache. 

How ED is caused by diabetes?

The response to sex needs the body to function properly with blood vessels, nerves, hormones, and the psyche. Diabetes affects the functions of these body functions. 

  • Nerves- The complication of diabetes is neuropathy. The erection is done by the parasympathetic nervous system. The ejaculation and orgasm are managed by the sympathetic system. Nerve damage can lead to ED.
  • Blood vessels- Diabetes also destroys blood vessels located in the penis. Diabetes can result in cardiac disease and other issues in circulation. The blood flow is quite important to get an erection. So, the impairment of blood flow interferes with erection. 
  • Hormones- Diabetes leads to kidney disorder causing chemical changes and hormones in sex response.
  • Psyche- The psychological can result in loss of interest in sex and can result in erectile dysfunction. It results in changes in life routine, relationship problems, and stressful events. The physical and psychological reasons can lead to ED.
  • Medicines- Many medicines can cause treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medicines for diabetes and blood pressure must also be taken for eradicating the risk of ED. The disorders for which medicines must be taken are antihistamines, tranquilizers, antidepressants, cimetidine, and appetite suppressants. You must take these medicines under the doctor’s guidance Also, some nose and eye drops are linked with ED. 

Penile injection- It can be injected into the penis that creates an erection by the relaxation of muscles. It enhances the flow of blood in the penis.

Mechanical devices- The treatment therapy include vacuum device. The devices are used to maintain the erection with the constriction of blood flow. The penis is placed inside the rings. The air gets evacuated from a cylinder with a pump and creates a vacuum creating an erection. It has some disadvantages.  The doctor will advise you to overcome these disadvantages. 

Counseling- The males with ED and diabetes due to circulation and neuropathy can have counseling. The ED due to psychological issues such as guilt and tension also needs therapy. The doctor will do an examination and certain laboratory tests. The doctor can also ask you to take the advice of a sex therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist. 

Surgery- The surgery involves implantation of penile prosthesis and vascular reconstruction. The surgery is less invasive at reasonable rates. The risks are pain, infection, scarring, and bleeding. 

Prostheses- There are different types- inflatable, rods, and self-contained prostheses. The disadvantage is penis occurs erect. These parts are inserted surgically. 

Prevention of ED

ED can be preventable if you take the therapy under the guidance of a doctor. Individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and other disorder like hypertension and diabetes must control their disorders and take the therapy as per the specialist. 

You can order medicines from Pillspalace. It is a reliable website that sells medicine related to erectile dysfunction. There is no need to get shy and feel shameful as your buying history is not leaked and shared with a third party. ED is treatable and you can take the counseling from a certified psychologist to develop coping strategies. 


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