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Foods To Eat After The Root Canal Treatment

When you have never had any treatment like the root canal one, you might be wondering what things you can expect from these services. Recovery from these root canal procedures is less hectic than other such treatments. If you have experienced tooth extraction, root canal treatment is nothing close to what you have already faced. Select dental is an amazing dental hospital that can cure many of your problems in your mouth. You can always consult their professionals to take the best oral hygiene care after a root canal.

After a root canal, you should stock up on soft food particles to become habituated to the food. The select dental dentists can help you chart what to eat and what not to after the canal. Here, we have tried to help you by providing the same chart.

However, before that, here are some eating guidelines after the root canal treatment: 

The local anesthetic is used to numb your treated area during the whole procedure of the root canal. This might take an hour or two to wear off. According to the dentists, we consulted, all of them agreed that one should not opt for hot beverages or chewing food until the anesthesia wears off. Chewing food while the mouth is numb might end up causing some soft tissue injuries that you will never want to happen.

Our suggestion is you should also try to avoid sticky food like chewing gum or jelly beans after the endodontic treatment procedure performed by the best dental professionals of select dental. It has a high chance of loosening or completely removing the temporary filling in your tooth. We will suggest you to opt for soft foods like some scrambled eggs, maybe.

Your tooth can feel sensation even after days from the treatment. Also, any hard or hot food might even cause irritations. Thus, while eating, we suggest you favor one side of your mouth that hasn’t been treated with the canal.

The select dental dentists say you should also brush and floss regularly to keep the food particles and bacteria away from the area with the root canal treatment.

Food to eat after root canal procedure

Now that you know the guidelines after the root canal treatment, here is what you can eat and what you cannot.

Many patients eat soft foods very comfortably after a canal treatment. You can eat any food as long as it does not involve much chewing or biting with the treated tooth. Here, we have categorized the food you can eat after a root canal and created a list of foods you can try after the treatment. Check out that list below for more.

Dairy products

Foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, and soft cheese are the products you can store in your fridge. They can be the savior of a starving you who cannot eat anything with the canal in their tooth.

Fruits and veggies

This can be the most nutritional list of foods many of you have seen in a while. The fruits and the veggies can also be a great help for your cravings after the canal treatment. You can try pureed soup, smoothies, bananas, applesauce, mashed potatoes, ripe pears, peaches, etc. To keep your stomach at peace, you can try Mangoes, baked sweet potatoes, avocado, and pureed winter squash.


According to our instructions, many people may think that protein will be omitted from their diet list for the next few days. Well. It is not like that. You can store eggs for the scrambled eggs or the sunny side-ups. Canned tuna and chicken can be great too. You can try tofu, meatloaf, legumes, nut butter, hummus, etc.


You also need grains to have a complete diet. Here, we have mentioned some grains you can try while you have just faced the root canal treatment. You can try storing couscous, pasta, oatmeal, quinoa, cream of wheat, and polenta.

After the appointment, the doctor will help you with the best-detailed aftercare instructions and will answer every question you have regarding this. So, consult your doctor before buying everything we have mentioned in the list.

Now we know what food to consume after the root canal, now here is what food you should avoid.

Foods you must avoid after a root canal

You have to avoid some amazing categories of food after the root canal treatment. There are reasons why we have to keep these foods away from our diet for the next few days. Some of them can increase the sensitivity that you are already experiencing after the canal treatment. Some of them might even compromise the temporary filling.

We will recommend you avoid:

  • Both very hot and very cold beverages. This can irritate the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • Sticky foods like caramel, gum and other candies should also be avoided for a few days.
  • Hard food like nuts should completely be omitted from your diet.
  • Chewy food like crusty bread, steak, and such will not have any place in your diet for a few days.
  • Tortilla chips or such crunchy food should also be avoided.

However, you don’t have to miss these types of food for long. Once the permanent restoration is placed, you can return to eating whatever you like. However, we would suggest you use your best judgment. If these foods make the treated tooth feel tender while eating them, we will not suggest you opt for these types of foods.

Final verdict

After consulting the best dental professionals of select dental, we can safely say that you can contact these professionals at the best prices whenever you need any treatment inside your mouth. They will help you with the best treatment for your teeth. They have a list of capable doctors who can keep your teeth safe and will work in the best interest of your mouth. Try these services today for more.


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