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How PET scan detect cancer?

Radioactive glucose is used in PET scans (positron emission tomography) as a radiotracer or radioactive tracer to pinpoint cancer cells in the body. When glucose is injected into a vein to reveal glucose concentrations in the body, malignant cells can be seen because cancer cells consume more sugar than healthy cells. 


PET scans are useful in determining therapy options because of the information they may provide.

PET scan for cancer:


If cancer is suspected by other imaging tests, such as MRI or CT scans, a PET scan may be recommended by your doctor.


  • CT and MRI are two types of medical imaging (MRI)
  • A physical exam and a discussion of your family’s medical history may precede a recommendation for a PET scan from your healthcare professional. Blood, urine, and other body fluids can be tested in the lab.


The use of PET scans or other imaging techniques may be necessary because equivocal lab findings do not necessarily indicate the presence of cancer.


Tissue inflamed by something other than cancer is not usually clearly shown to be carcinogenic by radiotracers, which concentrate in inflamed tumours or parts of the body.


To diagnose cancer at an early stage and begin treatment, PET scans are superior to other types of testing since they can identify potentially malignant spots earlier.


PET scans can be used to detect cancer recurrence after cancer treatment.

Diagnosis involved in PET scans:


  • PET scans can aid in the detection of new or recurring cancer.


  • A PET scan can reveal cell proliferation, but not all cancer kids are visible. To complete the diagnosis, more tests are usually required.


  • Other tests will be required to determine whether a large area of radioactive activity is malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous). If your results are equivocal, your doctor will request additional testing and treatment alternatives. PET scan is the only early cancer detection test that can help in diagnosis and treatment.



PET scans can be used to identify how much cancer is present in a person’s body and how far it has gone, a process is known as staging. PET scans are frequently used in the initial staging and follow-up testing to see if and how the cancer is spreading since they can detect more malignant areas than CT scans alone. Your treatment strategy may alter as a result of the PET scan results. Consult your specialist to understand the pet scan cost in Coimbatore that fits your budget.

How can a PET-CT scan function?


Your PET-CT scan will begin with a small dose of fluorodeoxyglucose-18, a radioactive sugar. FGD-18, radioactive glucose, or a tracer are all names for this chemical. Sugar is absorbed by your body’s cells. Sugar accumulates more in areas that use more energy. Healthy cells consume less energy than cancer cells. The PET scan shows where in your body the radioactive tracer is.


The CT scan uses multiple angles to acquire x-rays of your body. You might get a dye shot before the x-rays. This improves the visibility of some of the details. The PET and CT images are then put together by a computer. Your doctor will get a full 3-D report that shows any problems, such as cancers. Reach out to Pet Scan Centres In Coimbatore in case you are looking to undergo the procedure.

What is involved in the PET-CT scan procedure?


One of your veins will be inserted with an IV. A needle is linked to a narrow tube. The IV pricks me. The radioactive substance for the scan will be given to you after the IV is placed. The radioactive substance will not cause you any discomfort.


You must limit your mobility and avoid activity after the drug has been administered, although you are free to sit in a chair. Moving the chemical too much can cause it to migrate to regions where it is not being investigated. This complicates the reading of the scan by specialists. It takes 30 to 90 minutes for the radioactive chemical to reach the body areas being scanned.


A contrast liquid may also be requested. Contrast liquid may also be administered via IV. The contrast liquid improves the clarity of the images. You will be directed to the bathroom to empty your bladder just before the test begins.


When the scan is ready to begin, the technologist will assist you in laying comfortably on a table. Resting on your back is the most common position, but you may also find yourself laying on your stomach or side. This is determined by the area of your body that needs to be scanned.


A PET-CT scan is sometimes used to plan radiation therapy to treat cancer. Your body position will be crucial in this situation. With a mask or cast, the technologist positions you. These devices assist you in remaining completely still during the scan.


The PET-CT scanner resembles a big donut. The table moves fast through the opening in the center when it first starts. This indicates whether you are in the correct position. After that, the table begins to sway gently back and forth. From a nearby room, a staff member will monitor the exam. Consult the nuclear cancer treatment in Coimbatore to undergo advanced scan procedures.

How do cancer cells show in a PET scan?


Because cancer cells have a greater metabolic rate than normal cells, they appear as bright spots on PET scans. PET scans could help with Detecting cancer. Whether or if your cancer has spread.

Why is a PET scan recommended?


A PET scan can assist with:


  • Presence of a cancer
  • determine its size and whether it has spread (stage cancer)
  • determine whether a lump is a cancer and the best treatment options for your cancer
  • demonstrate the efficacy of a treatment
  • A CT scan may reveal that there are still some symptoms of cancer after you’ve had cancer therapy. However, it’s possible that this isn’t an active disease. It could be cancer scar tissue that was killed off by your treatment. A PET scan can reveal whether or not the tissue is cancerous.


PET scans are occasionally used to look for cancer in the lymph nodes in the chest’s center. Reach out to top hospitals in Coimbatore to undergo the scan procedure with the latest technology.


Cancer screening and diagnosis can be a frightening and emotional experience. Learning about the various parts of the procedure, such as the utilization of PET scans, might help alleviate some of the worries. Be assured that nuclear imaging tests such as PET scans are generally highly safe, and the benefits of having the test exceed the risks. Any concerns you may have can always be discussed with your healthcare professional.



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