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Is Longboarding Good Exercise? Explained

It’s not a pleasure to go downhill (metaphor! ) If riding downhill feels euphoric, then longboarding certainly makes you crave for it! With its constant comparisons to skateboarding, longboarding is definitely moving up!

Longboarding is slowly climbing in popularity. It is now part of an extensive list of popular sports, suitable for all ages to provide a challenging and enjoyable exercise routine.

However, can we really believe that longboarding is a an exercise that is beneficial? Read on to find out.

Longboarding and Cardio Exercise- The Health Benefits

If your body is calling out for help, pay attention to it! Longboarding can be fun. Check! Longboarding is a great way to get adrenaline. Double-check! Also, as the most effective cardio exercise, of course!

This is the most important questionwhat makes longboarding an effective exercise? By strengthening bones and a higher heart rate, more stamina along with more balance and well-defined core muscles Longboarding is more challenging than any cardio exercise you’ve ever done at home or in the gym!

It could be a cardio exercise or lower body fitness, longboarding is the top spot!

Longboard Dancing

Have you ever heard of longboard dance? This isn’t a tap dances in the woods! By making use of your leg muscles’ core strength, you can increase speed while carving across the deck in a perfect rhythm , and then you burn off fat and shed weight!

Cardiovascular System

One of the main advantages of longboarding for health is the stability of your cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises increase your heart’s rate of beat, improves the muscles of the heart and regulates circulation of blood to every cell in the body. Who wouldn’t want free exercise?

Enhancing Lung Capacity

For those in middle age The increased oxygen supply to the lungs will prevent lung capacity from reducing. In line with this, longboarding is a way to guide your cardio to meet the needs of energy intake for the body.


Do you have trouble balancing on a shortboard? That’s not a good sign! Doctors recommend a balanced diet, and at least an hour of exercise such as aerobics to shed excess weight and increase muscle mass and maintain a healthy body.

Mental Health

When you are calming your heart, remember to take care of your mind as well! Your mind requires the same concentration since mental health is vital for the body to perform at its best. Therefore, for any vulnerable soul that is around, longboarding can be an effective stress reliever!

Much-Needed Sleep

Because your brain is more alert and healthier after regular longboarding, you will end with a great night’s rest. When your exercise of the day goes well, your body becomes more accustomed to getting a better night’s sleep!

Joint Pain Relief

Osteoporosis can be treated through cardio. It prevents numerous joints from becoming stiff and becoming stiff.

Lowers Cholesterol

One of the most beneficial advantages of longboarding is lowering cholesterol which is the main heart’s enemy and also increases calories.


A flexible and well-defined body are the things everyone desires and longboarding provides both! In addition to strengthening your muscles that are in your core, longboarding employs balance and weight shifting to build them up.

Longboarding- Dangerously Fun?

Longboarding can be a great sport to learn however, there are two aspects to this coin! When you’ve ridden the longboard, it’s hard to imagine that your feet would never even touch the ground!

Save Your Gym Fees!

The top layer is that your entire body will be able to withstand the intense workout. And that’s how your gym costs are paid off!

Danger? Don’t Think So

Longboarding isn’t always risky unless you’re sufficiently cautious to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. When you begin taking a longboard downhill, the risk grows until you’re no any longer an expert.

Faster Heartbeats

If you have the history of heart issues and heart-related issues, a fluctuation in the heart rate during longboarding can alter the body’s structure which is why you should be sure to cross-check every move you take.

Safety Gears

Many riders take the risk of riding down steep hills with no safety gear such as knee pads and helmets It’s not an intelligent choice!

Too Cool for School

The fun can be deadly when your ‘cool’ act in the bustling streets turns out to be a mistake and you are left with serious injuries. Be aware and alert to your surroundings to avoid crashing into another person or vehicle.

Traffic Rules

Avoid skidding on wet roads when it rains and obey traffic rules as it is against the law to ride a longboard on sidewalks.

Safe Space

There are designated spots or spaces designated to longboards, such as the smooth roads for safer longboarding.

Longboarding for Beginners

Are you looking to learn about how to longboard? We’ve got you taken care of!

For those who are new to the sport, longboarding seems like a safer and more technically efficient alternative to skateboarding. Because longboards come with many decks, depending on the needs of our users and preferences, getting comfortable with the basics isn’t difficult.

Even middle-aged males who are working towards the fitness goal, could use these longboards within a matter of minutes!

I’ll remind you that it’s not all simply the tricks you do or how fast you accelerate down an uphill. Safety and overall health comes first!

Here are some tips that require awareness, and also, common sense!

Right Board Type

First, you must choose the appropriate kind of board that is based on your experience, age as well as body weight, style of riding and so on. And you will never go wrong!

Build Stance

Begin to build your stance and stance by figuring out the best leg to put on the board as the balance of your body is essential for riding.

Small Space for Practice

Begin slow. Start practicing in a quieter area like your parking garage or in a smaller park.

Master The Feet Movement

Before transforming in to Flynn Rider, keep a eye on your feet to see how they assist in moving slowly, slow down to a stop, apply brakes and navigate through the busy cities streets.

Save Your Head First

Before becoming an expert and soaring up the slope, be sure you wear protective equipment such as elbow pads, knee pads or helmets. Don’t showcase your skating abilities on the skatepark if do not want to break a leg or two!

Longboarding Types

As opposed to skateboarding, there is many options in front of you when selecting your preferred deck. While the majority of Longboards are typically large, long, and sport sleek wheels, it’s actually the material the design, style and shape of the board that are the primary consideration. Are you wondering what the reason is?

The bottom line is that it’s not an uninteresting sport, it’s a fantastic alternative to a tough workout routine , such as developing an agile body, improving your balance as well as building muscle mass that burn fat, and strengthening your leg muscles to be as strong as Hulk!


For a leisure activity it is essential to have the deck to be customized according to your preferences instead of spending money on decks that are popular that are only for show!

For instance, Maple and Bamboo are frequently used by boarders, and Carbon Fiber is the most expensive of the bunch! Since it’s lighter yet durable and durable, many longboarders depend on carbon fiber to build their decks for the most dangerous hills.

Terrain-based (Shape and Style are included)

Two kinds of longboards are popular of them all: they are the Twin (both ends are raised to allow for a change of position) along with the Directional (one end elevated to show travel in one direction).

Each class represents particular longboards with specific purposes”Downhill” for racing in bumpy terrain in mountains and ‘Cruisers’ to navigate over road obstacles or ‘Freeride’ for speeding around the city, etc.

Longboarding vs. Skateboarding

Longboarders and skateboarders always at war! Since skateboarding is extremely complex and more hazardous The rivalry between shortboarders and longboarders is one that is very serious, because longboarding isn’t just restricted to kids!

Just ‘Mere Posers’?

According to skaters longboarders are just ‘tiny posers’ that lack the ability to perform tricks, have to commute, and slide over pedestrians on pavements and simply dance on the board while blasting down hills.


Since skaters own track and parks to themselves, their territorial behavior is more apparent when they view longboarding as a ‘child’s game.’

Reality Strikes!

Skateboarders who use backflips and ollie as their weaponries think that longboarders aren’t in the same league as them. But the truth is watching downhill longboarding keep you at the edge of your seat all the time!

Precision pre-drifts and power slides at speeds of 50 miles per hour require technical precision for longboarding, and are uncommon in skateboarding.

Beating The Odds

In contrast to the narrow and short skateboard, the longboard is your ideal companion when you want to shed those fat-laden chunks which will result in the most efficient exercise you can get!

When compared to skating as a pastime it is possible to estimate the calories you burn each day by longboarding for an hour because of the vigorous cardio exercise which leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day! The problem is that this balance between fitness and pleasure is where skaters fail to achieve.

Longboarding on The Popularity Scale

Since the year 2020, longboarding has become the final destination for any sports enthusiast who reaps numerous health benefits of the aerobic exercise. A majority of youngsters, mostly students, opt for longboarding to ensure ease of transportation around university campuses.

Today, weight-longboarding is an emerging trend that is a popular choice to adults who are looking for an effective way to shed weight.

After a long period filled with ups and downs Beijing Olympics was announced as a major sporting event which included a variety of athletes from various nations.


Longboarding is a new trend that is gaining popularity around the world due to its perfect blend of adrenaline and an energetic cardio workout.

So , get yourself on the longboard, and just enjoy the ride!


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