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Online Patient Verification – Benefiting Medicare Sector in Numerous Ways

Since digital transformation took over, the healthcare sector has been providing online medical assistance to patients. However, medicare providers should keep in view the rising patient identity theft cases. Criminals commit data breaches and get their hands on Personal Identifiable Information (PII). They later use it to avail illicit medical benefits, falsely claim insurance benefits, and purchase restricted drugs. 

Therefore, it is high time for healthcare centres and other subsidiaries to bring in accurate patient verification solutions. Therefore, Regulatory authorities are enforcing strict regulations to identify patients. The AI-powered solutions verify patient identity in real-time while helping healthcare centres stay compliant with the standards. The blog covers how online solutions benefit medical centres. 

Patient Identity Verification Benefits for Healthcare Sector 

According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA), medical scams cost around $68 billion per annum. Therefore, just adhering to the HIPAA’s identifying patient guidelines is not enough. Healthcare providers need to employ more accurate Know Your Patient (KYP) solutions to identify fraudulent entities. The AI-powered solutions allow medicare providers and their affiliates to cross-check prescriptions, treatment histories, insurance details, and payment records. Where criminals commit data breaches to act as imposters, online verification services will identify them in real-time. 

Similarly, patient verification solutions help e-pharmacies to make sure no minor is opting for the purchase of a restricted drug. Criminals also use prescription fraud to illegitimately buy medicines and make payments by using the information from some other patient. With an accurate ID verification for pharmacies in place, the e-store can draw a line between the legit patients and imposters. The online Know Your Patient (KYP) services further have the following benefits:  

Secures Patient Intake

Online consultancy and treatment prescribing are taking over the face-to-face check-ups. Some patients still opt for in-person hospital visits and treatment which makes patient identification somewhat tough. However, healthcare centres can employ digital patient verification systems in the facilities and overcome this issue. The AI-powered solutions also help these centres to verify customers by scanning their faces and documents while they are physically present in the hospital. This lowers the possibility of human errors and treatment delays. Hence, Medicare providers can better cope with emergency situations by using digital patient identity verification. 

Improves Patient Identification

Know Your Patient (KYP) solutions help medical service providers to stay a step ahead of imposters. They can verify patients by simply asking them to provide information like ID card numbers, insurance data, medical ID, and other such details. Shufti Pro Funding indicates that this helps healthcare providers ensure that no fraud is trying to access the platform. AI-driven solutions allow healthcare centres to access global medical databases which provide an additional layer to the patient verification process. 

Prevents Prescription Fraud and Protects Minors

Minors’ access to drug e-stores is calling out pharmaceuticals to incorporate patient age verification. Drugs like cannabis are restricted and only authorized buyers or patients can buy them. However, minors use their elders’ information and slide through the patent verification process. 

Similarly, criminals also use fake identities to commit prescription fraud and illegitimately buy medicines for themselves. This is also creating an alarming situation for both the healthcare centres and the government. Therefore, the regulatory authorities mandate pharmacies to accurately verify patient identity before selling any medicine. 

Mitigates Insurance Scams

Regulatory authorities also mandate insurance companies to verify patient identity before financially supporting their treatments. Criminals nowadays use fake documents and information to dodge insurance firms. They later commit false insurance claims to reap money or back their expensive treatment. Furthermore, the healthcare centres should employ accurate identifying patient solutions to safeguard sensitive information.

Addresses Reputational Damages 

As per Shufti Pro News, the medicare sector holds the most sensitive information, exposure to which will bring fatal consequences. Know Your Patient (KYP) solution helps hospitals, pharmacies, and other affiliates to shield the information by restricting criminals’ access. The AI-driven solutions help healthcare centres to address reputational damages and provide patients with a secure experience. Moreover, legit patients will get their rights and avail medical benefits without having to worry about criminal-based risks. 

In Conclusion 

The AI-powered patient verification solutions have taken a leap in the last years and are providing healthcare centres with accurate identification. The medicare providers can assist the right entities by performing patient age verification and identity validation. while preventing fraud and restricting criminals’ access. The patient verification solutions are reliable, efficient, consume fewer resources, and safeguard patients’ information. The healthcare sector is facing an increase in criminal attempts due to digitisation, however, efficient patient identification checks in place will not let the fraudsters pass. 


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