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Physical Therapy Services in Manhattan

Physical Therapy Services can help you recover from injuries, treat chronic conditions, and reduce pain. Physical therapists work as members of a multidisciplinary team, which may include a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist. The team considers the needs of each patient and uses their expertise to create an individualized treatment plan. The therapists also coordinate referrals to specialists and perform regular reviews to see how a patient is progressing.

Treatment options

A physical therapist can use several treatment methods to help people with different types of conditions. For instance, patients with neurological conditions can benefit from neurological physical therapy to improve movement patterns, muscle strength, and balance. Similarly, patients with cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders may benefit from cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, which is designed to improve stamina and muscular endurance. In addition, patients with wounds may benefit from wound care therapy to ensure adequate oxygenation and healing.

Physical therapy services like Atlas Physical Therapy include an educational component. The therapist will teach you how to properly wrap painful joints or how to use supportive exercises to strengthen supporting muscles. This can help you avoid further injuries in the future.


Before starting your career as a physical therapist, you must complete the proper educational requirements and obtain the appropriate licensing. New York State requires physical therapists to hold a valid license issued by the State Department of Education. In addition, physical therapists must attend continuing education programs to maintain their licensure.

In order to become a licensed physical therapist, you must earn a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree. You can get this degree by earning a bachelor’s degree and obtaining clinical residency or fellowship training. The degree requires a minimum GPA and a minimum GRE score. It also requires a certain number of hours of clinical work with physical therapists. Many physical therapy programs have multiple specializations, including pediatrics, geriatric care, and neurologic dysfunction.

Licensed physical therapists must complete 40 hours of continuing education. These courses should be relevant to physical therapy and further educate the licensed physical therapists.


Physical therapy services can be expensive, and you will want to make sure that you know the cost before you schedule an appointment. Costs are determined by the time spent with a therapist and the intervention that they provide. To avoid surprises, choose a licensed therapist who accepts your insurance plan. Also, ask how many sessions are covered by your plan. This can help keep costs low.

The price of physical therapy services can range from a few hundred dollars for a minor problem to thousands for a serious injury or surgery. For instance, an initial evaluation can cost more than $100, while a session lasting about 50 to 55 minutes can run as much as $1,350.


Physical Therapy is a time-tested path to recovery that can help you avoid surgery or other invasive procedures. It can be used for many different types of injuries, including those related to sports and fitness. In Manhattan, there are several Physical Therapy Services locations. The following list does not include all of them, but focuses on those with the best patient outcomes and customer reviews.

Evolve Physical Therapy is located in Manhattan and Long Island. Its highly rated staff is dedicated to providing the best care possible for each patient. They treat each patient with patience and positive reinforcement. They offer one-on-one treatment for patients who require it. It is convenient to schedule a consultation online or by phone.


Physical therapists can specialize in a variety of areas. These specialists are often required to have specialized training and certification. These individuals help patients recover from heart attacks or open-heart surgeries and can help them deal with a variety of respiratory conditions. ABPTS specialists are typically involved in the latest research, and they can be trusted to provide expert care for their patients.

Some physical therapists specialize in women’s health. These professionals specialize in conditions that affect women, particularly pre and postpartum women. They have extensive training in women’s health and are particularly knowledgeable about the physiological and behavioral aspects of women’s health.


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