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The Role of Public Administrators in Growing Communities

Public Administrators are those who work towards the implementation of legislation that is passed for the benefit of society. It is one of the most dynamic fields that develops network theories of governance, and these theories help grow the community. 

Public Administration works towards resolving any issues faced in various areas of society like healthcare, social services, human resources, economic prosperity, etc. Therefore, it plays a very substantial role in shaping the community and offers solutions for the challenges faced by the community by taking decisions and actions to eliminate them. 

They act as enablers for the political assurances made for the community’s development and provide a path that takes a policy towards action by coordinating with the local community and the government. 

Public administrators are responsible for equipping individuals and groups with the knowledge and expertise they need to bring about change in their communities through forming social working groups with a common plan. This makes it more important to understand the roles that public administrators play. 

The services that communities require to bring about positive change and prosperity are all part of the broad field of Public Administration. There are different roles in this industry, and they all collectively work toward the development of the local community.

For individuals who wish to pursue their career in this field, an online masters degree in public administration offers an excellent opportunity for them. 

With that said, let’s discuss the following seven in more detail. 

  1. Resource Management 

The resources a state owns are limited; therefore, they must be allocated, distributed, and managed to satisfy the unlimited demand for the growth of a community. 

As mentioned above, public administrators represent the local community; therefore, they divert the government’s attention toward the community’s needs and issues, so they are not left behind in the fight for basic physiological needs. 

Their role is not limited to that; in any event of a crisis, they can also determine the funds and plans to overcome them. So the resources are allocated where the most efficient outcome is. 

  1. Sustainability 

Public Administration raises awareness in the community, directs their attention toward the deteriorating environmental conditions, exhausting natural resources, and brings awareness towards the role communities can play in fighting them. 

For example, in clean and green community campaigns, paper bags are more encouraged, and plastic bags are discouraged, especially in grocery stores and malls. 

Unnecessary use of electricity is discouraged, public transport is incentivized, and walking for short distances is encouraged instead of going out using your vehicle to avoid extra fuel consumption. 

Raising awareness and penalizing littering leads to a more sustainable society. 

  1. Peace and Harmony

For the rest of the things to work efficiently in a society, peace and harmony in a community are essential because if there is no peace, there will be conflict and mismanagement. 

It won’t be wrong if we regard peace as a central pillar of society. If the state cannot fulfill the community’s demands and citizens are not satisfied with the government’s regard for the community, it will cause riots. Public Administration works towards peaceful resolutions for such matters. 

  1. Equity and Justice 

Members of society want justice to prevail, meaning that no special privileges be given based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. The role of a public administrator comes down to ensuring equal opportunities for education, healthcare facilities, job, etc., for everyone. 

Suppose these necessities are not equally made available for everyone. In that case, it will weaken the bond in the community, produce negative feelings towards the government, and harbor negativity in society, which will lead to violence and protests in communities. 

Public administrators work for the common interest and ensure societal equity and justice. 

  1. Crisis Management 

Three factors fall under this category 

1) Healthcare 

2) Relief Funds, and 

3) Shelter

Healthcare provisions are one of the physiological needs of humans; Public Administration ensures that it is made available at a low cost. 

Additionally, the prediction of disasters and collection of funds to facilitate the affected individuals by rescuing and providing food, shelter, clothes, medicine, etc., are all duties that fall under Public Administration. 

  1. Economic Development and Strategies 

Public Administration also works on strategic planning for a more desirable future; this helps establish milestones and steps to accomplish the goals. Their role is to ensure community engagement in economic development through investment plans that will eventually provide new employment opportunities. 

They also improve the literacy and poverty rate of the country and establish skill-based training centers and institutions made available for easy access to everyone so that people can earn a living. 

  1. Governance 

Good governance is the key to a more sustainable, peaceful, and just society. At the same time, lousy governance can lead to intensified turbulence, eventually leading to protests and terror. 

The government must keep a community-centric approach by providing subsidies on transport, healthcare, education, shelters, food, and plans for unemployed individuals. 

Supporting the local community is crucial for good governance. Public Administration helps convey community expectations to the government and suggests how to meet them.  


To conclude, Public Administration plays a vital role in the development of our society by allocating resources to appropriate sectors, providing sustainable management by focusing on the deteriorating environmental factors, and raising awareness in the community about it.

Public Administration also works on building peace and harmony in the community by timely resolving the concerns of the citizen by making the society just and equitable for everyone while discouraging discrimination in policy-making, workplaces, education institutes, or healthcare facilities. 

Crisis management is also part of their job, and they facilitate raising funds for medical facilities, running rescue operations, organizing food drives, and providing shelter to the affected individuals. They also encourage the community leaders and members to make beneficial investments with a particular goal and steps to get there in mind. 

Since public administrators act as coordinators between people and government, they influence the policy-making process to work in favor of the people to keep them satisfied, as good governance leads to a more peaceful, equitable, and prosperous community. 


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