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Smoking is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking cessation is essential. Alcohol consumption and stress must also be managed.

‘Let’s take care of our health ‘ is considered one of the first. For smokers who smoke, the zero priority for health care is to quit tobacco nine out of ten, even if smoking cessation becomes an annual event every year.

Tobacco is a high-risk target for cancer, hypertension, and various adult diseases. In particular, it is considered the main culprit that can cause erectile dysfunction, the biggest male problem.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male diseases in men over 40. Unlike before, problems such as erection difficulties or decreased libido begin to occur, which greatly affects married life.

Smoking is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction

In the past, psychological problems and aging according to age were cited as the main causes of erectile dysfunction. However, recent research is revealing new facts about the physical problems that affect erectile dysfunction.

Among them, smoking is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction. Although it is easy to think that the problems that smoking causes in our body are related to the respiratory system, it can also have a major adverse effect on the male system.

When men are aroused by mental or physical stimulation, their carotid arteries dilate. As a result, a large amount of blood flows into the cavernous body, Cenforce 100 can help improve erection.

Men who smoke are to problems with this erection process. Smoking is the main culprit that prevents smooth blood circulation. In men who smoke a lot, the blood vessels supplying blood to the p e n i s constrict under the influence of the nicotine contained in cigarettes, making it difficult to achieve an erection.

Because nicotine inhibits substances that dilate blood vessels, it is easy to cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, blood circulation problems caused by smoking increase the risk of arteriosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

Smoking is essential to prevent erectile dysfunction

Smoking cessation is essential to prevent erectile dysfunction. If you have already experienced erectile dysfunction, it is essential to change your bad lifestyle. 

Erectile dysfunction treatment is different depending on the patient’s condition, such as drug therapy and injections, and implants. It can be improved in a short period of time if actively treated by experienced medical staff. Vidalista 60 to prevent for Ed.

Chemical substances in cigarettes, such as tar and nicotine, not only cause erectile dysfunction but also adversely affect sperm, such as decreasing the number of sperm or lowering the quality of healthy sperm. For this reason, it is natural to quit smoking, and drinking and stress management are also necessary.

Erectile dysfunction causes ‘acute and chronic smoking.’

Chronic smoking has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction by decreasing testosterone secretion, a male hormone. In many studies, smoking has been widely known as a risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Inhalation of nicotine and tar components in tobacco has been known to be the main cause of poor blood circulation due to constriction of blood vessels, decreased elasticity of blood vessels, and inflammation of blood vessel walls.

However, a recent study showed that chronic smoking could be another cause of erectile dysfunction by lowering the secretion of male hormones as well as adverse effects on blood vessels. Smoking mainly reduces erectile function through vasoconstriction, whereas chronic smoking affects blood vessels. In addition to the impact on the body, it also revealed that it adversely affects erection by causing structural changes in the cavernous body through a decrease in the secretion of testosterone, a male hormone.

The cause of erectile dysfunction

As a result of examining erectile power, testosterone levels, and histological changes in the testes after exposure to smoking, smoking was found to be the cause of erectile dysfunction in both groups. In particular, in the case of chronic smokers, the testosterone level is the male hormone.

It is found to be the cause of erectile dysfunction as well as heart disease, brain disease, and cancer. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force to improve men’s health.

It is a fact that everyone knows that smoking is not very good for our health, to the extent that even young children in kindergarten know it. Smoking is the cause of various cancers, especially lung cancer. In addition to cancer, smoking causes multiple cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and causes various diseases in various areas, such as cataracts, gastric ulcers, and periodontitis.

There is one more severe disease caused by smoking, especially in men.


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