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The number of Calories in a Cereal Bowl

Cereal is among the simplest breakfast choices that will provide a wide range of nutrition and meet many of our needs for a healthy diet. However, how many calories are contained in the cereal bowl? It depends on what you’re searching for. Are you seeking something nutritious or something that will delight your taste buds? While certain cereals are nutritious and packed with minerals and vitamins, others have many sugar and calories.

How many calories are in the cereal bowl?

The majority of cereals contain between 100 and 200 calories for a cup (1 Cup). This is dependent on the amount and kind of cereal you’re using. Let’s discuss some of the more well-known cereals like Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Wheat- Bix, Froot loops and Rice Krispies.

As per Calorie King here is the total amount of calories from five well-known cereals:

This does not count the calories found in milk. Whole milk is about 146 calories in a cup. Skim milk has 88 calories per cup.

Although this might not be the solution you’ve been searching for, I’ll tell you how to have fun with the bowl of cereal that you’re enjoying and without guilt.

How can I eliminate these Calories from my cereal bowl?

Let’s suppose you consumed one portion of Cheerios (1 cup) with skim milk (1 cup). This is a total of 200 calories. This is equivalent to 1 hour’s strolling OR twenty minutes cycling OR just 30 minutes in the pool. It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it’s really not. The issue starts to get worse when you’ve got two and three cups of cereal. Eat as much as you’d like but make sure you’re ready to burn off those calories.

Note: The amount per serving can vary depending on the cereal. Some cereals could have 30 grams per serving while other brands might state 35 grams per serving, so ensure you verify. If there’s no accurate measurement available, then you can take it by yourself!

However, there’s more than the calories contained in a cereal bowl must be considered. You should consider the sugar, carbs as well as protein factors into account. If you’re following an eating plan, I’d suggest speaking to an expert in nutrition or health to create a wholesome eating plan that fulfills all of your needs.

Eat as much as you want but remember to burn those calories as well. A jog or a walk might just do the trick!

Additional important nutritional facts regarding cereal

Sugar in Cereals

Despite the calories in a bowl of cereal certain cereals contain excess sugar. Based on Calorie King, the quantity of sugar found in certain of the well-known cereals is:

  • Cheerios contain about 4.4 grams sugar in a cup
  • Corn Flakes contain about 1.7 teaspoons sugar in each cup
  • Wheat Bix Bix contains around 1.25 grams of sugar in each portion (2 biscuits)
  • Froot Loops has about 10 grams of sugar in a cup.
  • Rice Krispies contains around four grams sugar for 1 1/4 cup

From these five well-known cereals Froot Loops has the highest sugar content, at 10 grams per cup. But, it’s not the only one you should consider cutting out of your diet. Indeed, many cereals, including those marketed as healthy, are loaded with high levels of sugar, which can lead to a variety of health issues leading to the development of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Carbs in Cereals.

A majority of the calories found in cereals comes from carbohydrates. Although certain carbs are beneficial to you, there are some that can be harmful. Many cereals are highly processed and usually have a high percentage of refined carbohydrates. Actually, the primary source of refined carbohydrates is white flour, which is present in a variety of cereals. An over-consumption of refined carbohydrates could cause severe health issues.

The refined carbs are deficient in nutrients and are absorbed extremely quickly that causes rapid rises of blood sugar that are associated with heart and diabetes. Cereals made from whole grains are rich in complex carbohydrates, which have higher levels of nutrition than refined grains. They are healthier than conventional refined cereals.

Examples of Healthy Cereal Options

If you’ve got a bowl or two of Froot Loops or some cereal which is packed with calories, then that’s fine. However, in the future, here are a few nutritious cereal choices:

Barbara’s Shredded Wheat Cereal

Per Serving (two biscuits) It’s got 140 calories 31, 31 grams of carbs as well as zero grams of sugar as well as the protein is 4g, and 5g of fiber. The most appealing aspect is that it’s all wholegrain, which ensures you receive the best nutritional value with a host of health benefits!

Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat Cereal

The same as barabar’s Shredded Whet Cereal Two biscuits. It’s got a calorie count of 167, 32.9 grams of carbs 0.9 grams sugar 4.3 grams protein as well as 6.2 milligrams of fiber. It’s also made from wholegrain wheat.

Kellogg’s All-Bran Original Cereal

Per serving ( 1 cup) It’s got 97 calories and 23 grams of carbohydrates 6, grams of sugar as well as four grams of protein, and the 10 grams of fiber. The cereal is not just packed with plenty of fiber but is also made of whole wheat grains.

Weet – Bix

Per Serving (two biscuits weighing 30 grams) It’s got the calories of 107, 20.1 grams of carbohydrates 1 gram in sugar 3.7 grams of protein as well as 3.3 milligrams of fiber. This cereal is made up of the whole grain which makes it nutritious and is the ideal way to begin your day.

How can you make your bowl of cereal that is healthy?

There are so many ways to make your breakfast cereal healthy. Keep reading to find out!

While certain cereals are healthy, they don’t taste very delicious. Making them healthier and better tasting is the easiest thing to do simply adding any kind of fruit such as blueberries, bananas, or strawberries and you’ll can enjoy a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Oats, almonds, or even oats could to make your cereal healthier and delicious. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to use sweet or unhealthy cereals to satisfy your cravings It’s possible to satisfy your cravings with some fruits or even honey!


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