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The Secret of Navy Blue Makeup Looks

There’s a new classic in town, and it’s not afraid to alter a fashionista’s day. An exquisite and figure-flattering option, the gorgeous navy blue dress is a must-have in your wardrobe. Some may even argue that blue is the next great fashion colour, eclipsing the ever-popular black.

Navy blue makeup looks, the popularity of navy blue among fashionistas is easy to understand. Colour navy is universally flattering for all skin tones, hair colours, and age groups because of its similarity to its black cousin. Navy is a more versatile colour than black, allowing you to dress up or down for any occasion. If you’re looking for ways to accessorize your blue dress with cosmetics, the options are almost limitless!

Make a statement with a smoky eye or keep it modern and fresh with a red lip – the possibilities are endless with this multipurpose but timeless shade. It doesn’t matter whether navy is regarded as a safe choice for a special occasion since it doesn’t stop us from asking ourselves, “How can I style my navy look?” In this post, we’ll go through our picks for the seven best beauty looks to wear with a blue dress to a formal event. Makeup artists can inspire your next look, educate you on how to match your makeup to the occasion, and make you feel like a star in no time.

Top Makeup Tips When Wearing Navy

To make applying your eyeliner simpler and thicker, gently warm it with a lighter before applying it. A pop of colour on your lips is a simple method to ramp up your appearance while reviving a sallow complexion. Make sure you choose a blush colour that complements your skin tone. Rose tones are more suited to light complexion, whereas bronzed/plum tones are better suited to medium brown skin. Navy blue makeup looks, for a perfect finish, choose makeup brushes from a professional line. To ensure a flawless foundation, always apply a layer of moisturizer to your skin. Make cautious not to over-moisturize around the eye region to prevent emphasizing any fine wrinkles. The best technique to get a flawless appearance is to use a foundation that is the same shade as your skin. First, go over your eyelids with white eyeshadow to make your makeup colour pop.

Navy blue makeup looks, comparing the cosmetics, you’re wearing to the material of your dress might help you find a better look (e.g. use matte products when you are wearing a silk satin dress).

Don’t go overboard with the blacks and darks. Dresses in blue or black often look better with light colours. Use at least three different shades of the same colour for creating a stunning smoky eye.

Gala Ball Drama

The dramatic gradient eyeliner look is the first on our list, and it is not for the faint of heart. If you want to obtain a more defined appearance, use cream-based eyeliner instead of liquid. Using cream liners makes it easier to achieve a flawless gradient look by allowing for more significant colour mixing.

Lace & Lip

A fiery red lip is a perfect way to make a statement in a blue dress. A sultry, laced blue midi dress may be paired with a solid lip to get the ideal blend of seductive and sweet. You’ll be taken aback by the dramatic contrast between the lace’s geometric laser-cut designs and the bold lip.

The Girly Edge

Do you have a soft spot for the sexy side? This is likely to remain your signature appearance for years to come. A rose gold eye and a pale pink lip are all you need for an airy, dewy look. The deep blue hues of your outfit will go well with this appearance. It’s also great for pale complexion since it adds a hint of softness to your features. Adding beautiful waves to your lovely hair is the perfect way to finish your appearance.

Old School Glamour

You may summon your inner Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe with this classic old Hollywood style. You’ll look effortlessly glamorous in this floor-length blue gown with this basic but effective makeup look. Choose a subtle smoky eye, a glossy peach lip, and a dash of blush to get this look.

The Natural Beauty

Those who want a less cakey, darker, and heavier makeup appearance may appreciate this one. This style is based on the idea that the best approach to draw attention to your best characteristics is to play down their prominence. Natural style may seem simple on the surface, but mastering it is more complicated. Use a neutral colour palette that is appropriate for your skin tone. To do this, you must first determine your skin tone and then apply the appropriate tones to your face. Skin tone may be either warm or cold.

Bold Metallic Dress

Wearing this daring outfit will set you out from the rest of the crowd. This ultra-edgy look is perfect for amplifying the impact of a daring ensemble or bringing a slight edge to a more sober ensemble. The navy metallic defined eyes are a great way to stand out on any special occasion because of their versatility. Add a nude lip and a light foundation to your edgy style to maintain your skin tone fresh and nourished at the same time.

The Merlot Lip

A deep wine-toned lip may elevate your appearance and make you feel luxuriously royal. Outfits in shades of blue or navy look fantastic when the deep red colour is used. Use smoky metallic gold eyeshadow and a softly contoured face with an illuminating bronzing powder for a naturally hydrated sun-kissed appearance.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate navy into your wardrobe. You must constantly keep in mind your surroundings and be aware of the qualities of that setting while putting together your stunning blue ensemble. This might be the most crucial step, as easy as defining the event. Even if you’re going to an evening event, you may go all out with your makeup, provided you’re careful not to overdo it throughout the day.


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