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What Exercises Help Reduce Stuttering? 

Stuttering used to be a massive issue for people in older days. Nowadays through appropriate treatment and determination of an individual, overcoming it is always possible. There are certain exercises that an individual can opt for that helps immensely in reducing stammering. 

Even most stuttering therapy sessions include some of these exercises. Though anyone who suffers from such a problem can use these exercises, it is ideal, especially for adults. So, take a look at these exercises in detail!

The exercises that reduce stutter

  • Progressive relaxation 
  • Diaphragmatic breathing 
  • Speaking while you exhale 
  • Minimal articulatory contact 
  • Prolonged speech 

These exercises help people reduce stutter massively. Hence, if you also suffer from this problem, take part in these exercises, which are explained below in detail. 

Progressive relaxation 

Anxiety and stress make a person’s stutter worse. During these times, people suffer from repetitions and intense blocks while speaking. To avoid such issues, people need to start performing progressive relaxation. It refers to a technique that aids in relaxing an individual’s articulatory muscles. In addition, it also aids in relieving several symptoms like tension, hypertension, anxiety, muscle stress, etc. 

Diaphragmatic breathing 

Speech therapists worldwide use this breathing exercise to help a person suffering from a stutter. It is also known as costal breathing; numerous therapists and SLPs (speech-language pathologists) use this technique to relax their clients’ articulators for stammering reduction. This is a highly suggested stammering cure exercise that every person should try to overcome stuttering. 

Speaking while you exhale 

This is an approach for shaping the fluency of an individual. Speaking while a person exhales will modify their phonation. It is ideal for people who have advanced a bit in the treatment procedure. This is quite easy to perform as all an individual need is to inhale and start speaking while exhaling the air. 

Minimal articulatory contact 

This exercise refers to minimal or light contact between one’s teeth, lips, hard palate, and tongue. This is a method that teaches a person to utilize minimal mouth movements. Such an exercise helps smooth airflow when talking and makes it easier to speak without a stammer. This particular exercise will assist in reducing articulatory pressure that leads to less stuttering shortly. 

Prolonged speeches 

To achieve fluency through stretching of vowels is the primary goal of this exercise. However, to master it, people will need a speech therapist’s guidance. This exercise will combine techniques like minimal articulatory contacts, pausing, gentle onsets, etc. together for better results. 

Such combinations will enable a person to gain fluency, reduce or eliminate articulatory pressure, slow speech rate, etc. It assists a person to have control when speaking. However, for best results, you will need to consult an expert as mentioned earlier. 

These are some of the exercises that will help an individual who suffers from a stutter. People looking to overcome stammering issues should opt for these exercises whenever they get time. To know about these exercises more and how they will help, you need to get in touch with a speech therapist or a stuttering cure center immediately.


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